Gunung Nuang via Janda Baik

What you need to know and prepare to attempt Gunung Nuang via Janda Baik route.


The hike to Gunung Nuang, the second highest point in Selangor, is by no means an easy hike, and certainly not the hike you want to do if you have never hiked before!


Although this hike is suitable for “less experienced hikers”, be honest to yourself if you don’t want to come out of the jungle when darkness has already set in. Nuang is a challenge and remains a tough cookie. Don’t underestimate the difficulty of the hike and don’t overestimate yourself!


To attempt a hike at Gunung Nuang, one has to apply for permit from the Forestry Department Bentong. The permit would cost RM10 per person. Do not apply the permit last minute and preferable 1 to 2 weeks in advance from your schedule trip date. Check out this blog on how to apply the permit.


This is what you are required to have during your trip.

-good trekking shoes with profile (a pattern on the soles to prevent slipping and gliding); no slippers or shoes without straps. Definitely not to use a new shoe for this hike to prevent blister occurring during the long hike.

-cap/rain gear in case raining.

-a whistle, a headlamp and your personal first aid kit is a MUST HAVE for this hike

-good daypack of around 20L capacity.

-if you plan to soak in the river, get ready your swimming gear/towel

-pack all your stuff in your backpack in plastic or waterproof bags

-insect repellent/leech protection is advisable

-gloves (rope, thorns, roots, trees, mud)

-emergency blanket, water filter, rehydration salts

-water of at least 2-3 liters, enough (isotonic) drinks or rehydration salts and food/snacks to last you for the entire whole day hike.


  • Important to note

-try not to attempt the mountain alone in your first attempt. Get a few friends along and preferably with someone who have been to this place before.

-one stream crossing (possibility of taking off shoes)

-it is good to set a cut off time at 1pm to reach the summit so you will not be descending too late. Retract at whatever location you might be at 1pm for safety reason.

-the riverbank might be overflown if there was a heavy rain and make it unable or dangerous for crossing. Be prepare to wait for long until the water level subside and safe for crossing.

-there are basic restrooms at the trailhead for cleaning and changing after your hike

-please be responsible and don’t litter – be sure not to leave any rubbish along the track and at the summit


Be responsible for yourself, your love ones and the nature during your attempt to any mountains.



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