FlipBelt Running Waist Belt (Royal Blue)

RM 187.74 Excl. GST

FlipBelt Running Waist Belt (Royal Blue)

RM 187.74 Excl. GST


  • Suitable also for smart phones like iphone6plus, Samsung Note Series
  • Turn items & pocket access up/down/inside as convenient
  • Flip over to lock in items esp. when traveling.
  • Non-Bounce, Balanced Design
  • Machine washable & Machine Dryable
  • Great for holding pet food or medication on the go. Inhalers, insulinpumps, Epipens, etc.
  • EPA Certified, Odor Resistant, Pilling Resistant, Anti-Bacterial High
  • Tech Poly Spandex Fabric and 3M Quality Reflective logo

Product details of FlipBelt Running Waist Belt (Royal Blue)

LAUNCHING FLIPBELT (R) IN Malaysia! Made in USA and now the #1 selling running belt accessory on, the brand is now in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the FlipBelt is a really simple but revolutionary product to go hands free.

The most secure, almost weightless hands free solution to carry your large smart phone, cards, keys etc with you throughout the day when walking your dog, cycling, running, cycling, jogging and traveling. Recommended to be worn at the hip (preferred) or waist. Weighing a mere 3 ounces, the FlipBelt is so sleek you can even wear it to go out under your clothes without having to carry a wallet or purse.

Made of anti-bacteria, machine-washable high tech Spandex-Lycra blend material with an internal pocket system accessible from four openings around the belts exterior. The four pockets lets you easily tuck in your phone, keys, gel packs, credit cards or whatever you may need for your workout. You then flip the belt inside out and everything gets locked in place. Because there are no clasps or buttons, you simply pull the belt on like a pair of pants and wear it wherever it feels most comfortable. It doesn’t move, jiggle, bounce or chafe and you could easily forget it’s even there. Available in colors, accent your workout wardrobe.

Sizing Chart

XS – Waist 22″ – 25″

S  – Waist 26″ – 29″

M  – Waist 29″ – 32″

L  – Waist 32″ – 35″

XL – Waist 35″ – 38″

* A comfortable fit usually allows 2″ stretch from body.

FlipBelt - How does it work?

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